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Corporate Profile

Corporate philosophy

Our thoughts about establishing a progressive pharmacy, using concepts of health.

Our corporate mission statement is "There is no real happiness without health", and this mission statement drives our daily efforts.
At the same time we want to create a very reliable pharmacy which people trust with their questions and their health.

Today, there are 76,000 pharmacies in Japan; many competing to serve even small areas. Because considerations for selecting their pharmacy is its convenient location, its size and large selection, and discount offers, it is difficult to convince consumers to select the proper pharmacy. However, we believe our concept might widen sales opportunities for each store.
We are very happy when customers try our business system and products and like it because they appreciate that it is because of our attitude towards our products and business system.

Nature's power and its benefits for people.

The Takizawa Kampo Medicine focuses on Oriental medicine, primarily Kampo medicine.

As Western medicine rose in popularity, based on treating and eliminating symptoms, many people felt that Kampo medicine was old-fashioned, out-of-date and ineffectual. Certainly, the characteristics of Kampo medicines, naturally adaptive and flexible were considered unacceptable when the climate of public opinion was seeking simplicity and speed. But public opinion has begun to shift.

Modern medicine has in some ways hit a wall. Technological limitations and side effects, for example have driven many patients to pay attention to alternatives, like oriental medicine. With its 3,000 year history, oriental medicine contains hidden possibilities unmeasurable by modern science. In addition, not only medical science, but also the development of other technologies and sciences which are also based on overpowering or overcoming their objects of study, undermine the earth as well as man's health. Today these issues have become society's issues. As a result, oriental medicine is being reviewed for its gentler approach and the awareness of its being ecologically friendlier. The Takizawa Kampo Medicine, due to its respect for the values of Kampo medicine, is endeavoring to research and produce products which are most effective and acceptable to today's society.

We provide solutions for a wide range of needs like medicines, health foods, natural foods, and cosmetics.

In order to acquaint our consumers with the benefits of Kampo and other folk medicines, we have been developing not only medicines but also many various types of products, and are now producing about 300 different items.

These products are intended to be preventive, for example against hard-to-cure lifestyle type diseases or chronic diseases, loss of physical well being, women’s issues- obesity and skin problems, and other unidentified complaints.

Customers visiting pharmacies may express many different problems; we are confident that our products can be recommended to their customers with assurance.

About the Company

Company name
Takizawa Kampo Medicine CO.,LTD.
Tsutomu Takizawa
Head Office:
864-1 Katayanagi Minuma-Ku Saitama City Saitama-Ken
Phone: +81-48-687-4455    Fax: +81-48-687-4416
Main factory:
412-1 Katayanagi Minuma-ku Saitama City Saitama-ken
Business description
Manufacturing & sales of Medicines, Kampo medicines, Cosmetics, beverages, and health foods