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About Production

Takizawa Kampo Medicine holds the patent for the manufacturing process for the mushroom composite: ASGC (compound mycelium extract)

ASGC (compound mycelium extract) is the "aggregation of water soluble β-glucans" which brings β-glucans to its maximum useable level.
There are basic problems to extract the most value from medicinal mushrooms' special ingredients. Mushrooms' particular useful ingredients are tightly bound as macro molecules similar to polysaccharides, and are not easily used by the body. The majority of the mushroom's compounds are simply excreted as waste. Many ingredients needed to support the β-glucans are also wasted.

Only freed β-glucan can be used by the body; just eating mushrooms or mechanical extraction by water (infusing for tea) or alcohol processes provides only tiny amounts of the specific important compounds (such as multi saccharides).

We researched this project. We started in Honzou Komoku, a Chinese encyclopedia of 3,000 years history of medicinal herbs. From mushrooms eaten for health even until today, we cultivated 8 types of mushroom fruiting body and 18 types of mycelium, and by combining we developed formula, β-glucan ASGC, or activated soluble β-glucan compound, with high concentrates of the necessary components in combination. We consequently developed a mushroom compound which resolves the linking of macromolecules, and therefore is not only useful in boosting mushroom power, but also more easily use.

We have successfully extracted a 50% ASCG compound of activated, soluble β-glucan (which even enzymes couldn't affect) from 8 different species of mushroom fruiting bodys as well as 18 different mycelium.

Our ASGC compound is so useful that it keeps healthy state for far more consumers!
Our resolution of the molecular linking of polysaccharides and fibrous components adds a unique ability, increasing the usefulness of complementary ingredients such as ergosterol. These components in turn, boost ASGC's power.

Complete Patented Processes for the Extraction Usefulness of ASGC From Mushrooms

Making Medium: Mixing mushrooms and filling bottles
Sterilization: Sterilizing by sterilization pressure cooker
Stain Inoculation: Using Inoculation equipment under sterilized conditions
Culture: Controlling temperature, humidity and CO2
Dehydration Processing: Taking residue layer from fungus bed and dehydrating
Extraction: Extracting mycelium compound